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CADET (Crime And Disorder Electronic Tasking) provides a simple secure Web based system to promote effective Partnership working in a multi-agency environment.

Information sharing

CADET can be accessed by all partners (CDRP, Council, Police, Fire Services, Community groups, Social Services, etc) using their own log-ins, so enables immediate information interchange fostering a strong ethos of collaborative working amongst Practitioners working in wards/neighbourhoods.

Public Engagement

Priorities agreed in consultation with individual Communities are then clearly set out within CADET. All progress made towards their resolution can be shared by Communities.

Visibility and Accountability

New Issues identified and Priorities agreed in Communities are clearly set out. Tasks are assigned to problem managers (alerted by automatic e-mails) and all progress made towards their resolution is visible. Vital information is provided for Joint Strategic Intelligence Assessments.

Effective and Responsive Delivery

A simple secure Web-based system implemented using the national SARA methodology, CADET will be completely Live at Hull CitySafe by the end of 2007.

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