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  • Immediate availability of all new information
  • Latest versions or published versions always shown
  • Personal Alerts to items of interest, Actions, Meeting dates/changes, publication, etc
  • Quicker creation of Forward Plan, Agendas, Minutes, Decisions, Meeting and membership details
  • Quicker creation of Agenda print packs


  • 24 hour access to information
  • Information immediately accessible to all those authorised, some by e-mail notification
  • Members’ information accessible
  • Minutes and Reports searchable by every word or phrase in their content
  • Public consultation aided by Comment facilities
  • Single-click access to Reports from Agendas, Minutes and Decisions


  • Hugely reduced paper and print costs
  • Less time spent finding information
  • Less time and effort spent creating information

Integrity and Security

  • Access permissions controlled
  • Complete audit history of each item
  • Complete sets of Agendas and Minutes
  • Control over progress of issues
  • Decision Tracking and Authorisation
  • Every Meeting published and archived
  • Exempt report procedures
  • No item can be lost
  • Reports kept securely
  • Integration of all Committee information

Committee Management

  • Easy to use procedures for Report creation and collection
  • Fast creation and amendment of Agendas, Decisions, Forward Plan, Minutes, Meetings and membership
  • Members' details and automatic attendance statistics
  • Print packs created automatically
  • Re-scheduling and forwarding of items to other Meetings or Committees
  • Room Booking linked to Meetings creation
  • Standard Agenda items created automatically
  • Tracking of Actions


  • Items Called In to Scrutiny from other Committees by single-click Call-In
  • Scrutiny comments linked to items in original Minutes


  • Cost-effective industry standard Internet technology

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ODPM Priority Outcomes

  • Satisfies ODPM Priority Outcomes R5, R6, G3 and helps the Council satisfy many others including G4, G19, G20, G21, etc

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