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The core module handles the management of agendas, reports and minutes through the various committees of the Council.

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Alerts and Actions

Alerts may be provided to a variety of things: to items of specific interest when they occur on Agendas; to meetings and associated dates; and to actions noted in Minutes.

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Forward Plan

The Forward Plan module enables users to enter key decisions into E-GENDA for display in the Forward Plan.

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The Decision module enables individuals to record decisions made under delegated powers. Key Decisions may be linked automatically to items previously published on the Forward Plan. These decisions may then be viewed, edited, printed, then authorised by specific officers and/or members. Once authorised, the Decision is published so that everyone can view it. If required, authorised Decisions may be made available to the Scrutiny process. After a period of time, Decisions, like Minutes, are archived and made searchable by content.


The Scrutiny module provides a simple point and click mechanism to enable members or officers to request the Call-in of items. The system monitors the rules for call in and when the required number and sort of users have made the request the item will be sent automatically to the nominated scrutiny body or committee for scheduling on its agenda.

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The print module prints the agenda and minutes in the Authority’s unique format/s similar to the current paper copies. Numbers of pages of Reports and Appendices can be calculated automatically and applied to the front pages. All attached documents are printed in sequence following the front pages of any Agenda.

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The archive module contains a powerful search engine enabling users to search for agenda items and decision records by any word or phrase within the agenda item, decision, report, minutes, etc. Combinations of words or phrases may be used to define a search and searches may be restricted to a specific Committee or date range.

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Members' Information

The Members' Information Module is designed to contain information (including pictures) about Council Members and officers, their roles in Committees (both internal and outside the Council) and their responsibilities within the Council in general. It also contains information about Committees, Wards, Parishes, Political Parties and other details (e.g. surgeries, declarations of interest, support, etc) as customised by the Council. Viewing of private information can be restricted.

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Members' Pages

This module enables the creation of a personal website for every member; a place where they can display their own information on their own public web pages. These pages are distinct from the Council Members information, though details from there can be displayed on Members pages to avoid having to re-enter information such as membership of Committees and external bodies.

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Register of Interests

The declared Interests of any Member or Co-opted Committee member can be entered, edited and then Published in a Register. Drafts are available to authorised officers for updating on the Intranet, then publication effects immediate Internet availability.

Room Bookings

The Room Bookings module enables you to use the Intranet to book rooms and display those bookings throughout the Council in a simple calendar fashion.

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The Internet module provides Councils with extraction facilities to copy selected E-GENDA data from the Intranet machine to a separate sub-set E-GENDA system on an Internet machine outside the Council’s firewall. Only public data is taken; Exempt Reports are never copied across. For a selection of Committees, any Agendas issued or Minutes published since the last update are copied to the public site. In addition, the latest Forward Plan, Members database, newly-published Decisions, Register of Interests and recent additions to the searchable archive of Minutes are also copied across. The selection programs run automatically as scheduled.

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