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E-GENDA is a committee and decision management system designed to support the more frequent meetings, quicker decision making and greater transparency inherent in the working of local government today. It was created in co-operation with existing council customers and the range of its facilities is constantly expanding to meet the requirements of its fast-growing numbers of users.


E-GENDA is based entirely on Internet technology to give the accessibility, appearance and connectability required by a modern system.

Ease of use

A primary design requirement was that users with few computer skills should be able to make active use of the system. Not only must any council officer be able to use the system, but any Member also, and when accessed through the Internet, the public as well. Making use of ‘point and click’ to gain access to information, the majority of users only have to master use of a mouse to gain benefits from the system. This has been a major benefit to Councils as use of the system spreads well beyond those who create the Agendas and Minutes.

Flexibility with Agenda Items

E-GENDA enables the easy production of Agendas and Minutes in both electronic and printable forms, yet works essentially at the Agenda Item level. Items are created, decided, passed from one Committee to another and actioned individually. Agendas and Minutes are virtual documents: collections of Items brought together for a particular meeting and archived together only when "published". This gives the Council enormous flexibility of action. It enables speedier and more transparent decisions and actions, yet provides better control and precise audit capability. It facilitates electronic Call-In of individual decisions, then enables Scrutiny meetings to make comments. It enables the monthly publication of a Forward Plan, whilst individual Items are progressed as appropriate. It is a system ideally suited to support modern government.

Accessible yet secure

The stated government intention that all information such as agendas, minutes and reports shall easily be accessed by the public puts at a premium AKS’s expertise in making information searchable. At the same time, the system has a matrix of security mechanisms to ensure that only authorised individuals can see the workings of specified Committees, or view Exempt reports.


AKS recognises that every Council has its own way of working. In a system such as this, which sits at the heart of the government process, no software package could deliver off the shelf any Council's exact requirements.

E-GENDA provides a modular software infrastructure containing the tools required to do the job; the AKS approach is to work with the Council to define exactly what is required to support your particular working practices. We then put together a core support system using our existing E-GENDA routines, tailor it to your needs, help implement and refine it, then help spread its use. AKS prefers to work in partnership with its customers, getting involved as much as possible in the delivery of a practical solution.

Designed for the future

E-GENDA is a system that meets current requirements but is adaptable to meet any future changes. It provides not only the management of Agenda production but also a complete audit trail for each Agenda Item; not only sophisticated searching facilities but also proactive alerting; not merely a system for finding information, but the very means by which it is created, actioned and published. AKS works with each Council customer to provide a system for the future; an intranet-based system created with the advantages of years of retrieval and document management expertise yet, due to close working relationships with existing customers, geared to the quicker modern democratic processes.

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