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AKS provides a full range of services to help its customers obtain maximum benefit from E-GENDA (and any other software that AKS has installed) and utilise AKS skills and experience to the full.

AKS considers itself part of each customer’s implementation and service support team and offers help in as many ways as possible to ensure the success of each E-GENDA system.

Constant Customer Contact

Customers are encouraged to ring AKS to discuss matters whenever they have new ideas or are faced with new requirements regarding E-GENDA. Apart from having a thorough understanding of what the software can be used for, AKS has long experience of supporting Authority requirements and can often pass on suggestions and advice.


Analysis and advice utilising AKS’ long-standing and wide experience of technologies and information handling to ensure systems match the customer's particular organisational and technical environment.


Developments to E-GENDA are driven by enhancements in the technology used, unique customer requirements, or by the need to meet changing legislation (usually interpreted differently by each customer). Most development is consequently made to individual customer requirements, although costs are inevitably shared. In addition, AKS staff can provide analysis and programming of tailor-made systems and individual programs for Intranet, Windows, MVS, PC networks, numerous variants of Unix, and OpenVMS environments. This can include such services as data conversion, Web search interfaces, integration services to support applications, database design, data input systems, etc.


Detailed customised documentation is created for each E-GENDA system.

Help Desk

Support and advice is available every working day between the core hours of 09.00h and 17.00h; frequently it is available between 08.30h and 18.00h and can be made available for other periods by arrangement, to cover, for example, machine re-organisation or special occasions.


AKS seeks to be involved as much as possible with the implementation of each new E-GENDA system, constantly discussing the system and scheduling proposed, performing installation, helping train system administrators and key users, helping refine the initially-delivered software so that it delivers the best possible service, and sometimes helping explain to members the benefits the new system will bring.


The underlying infrastructure software and the initial customised software is installed by AKS at the Authority’s site. Thereafter, further customisation, maintenance and new developments are installed using remote access facilities.


AKS provides a maintenance service to ensure E-GENDA systems continue to provide a reliable service. A description of the Maintenance Service follows, detailing the escalation procedures.

Quality Assurance

All software changes made to an E-GENDA system are thoroughly tested by both technical and support staff before being released to a customer site.

Remote Online Support

Successful support and maintenance depends upon the existence of a remote access/dial-in diagnostic support link between the Authority’s server and AKS offices. AKS presently offers access via "PC-Anywhere", "Control-IT", VNC, VPN or direct terminal access.

Software Releases

Two separate copies of each E-GENDA system are usually installed: one is the operational system for live use; the other is a training/test system into which all new and changed software is delivered once it has been quality assured by AKS. Once the customer has verified that the new software performs as required, the modified software is copied to the operational system, usually by use of remote access.


AKS offers three levels of training course. One is for system administrators to ensure they have a thorough understanding of all the facilities available, the benefits they are intended to bring and the ways in which the Authority can use and customise them. A second half-day course is run for key users to ensure they know how to upload reports to the system, how those reports are progressed by Committee officers through agendas and minutes and the overall benefits the system will bring. In addition, AKS can provide short awareness sessions for members and other users.

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