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Election Results Presentation System

The Election Results Presentation System provides fast and visually appealing presentation of election information on the Intranet and Internet before, during and after an election.

Pre-election displays show candidate information for the whole Council or by ward. Then on election night, the module comes into its own, making it really easy for you to show the current state of declarations on your website.

The progress of each ward contest (e.g. Voting, Counting, Recount, Declared) is shown, then as results are declared, the In Depth display shows Ward details. As each Ward is declared, the number of votes for each candidate is entered and without any additional effort, statistical indicators such as percentages of votes, majority, swing and turnout are calculated automatically. Graphics are generated automatically and an In Depth web page for that Ward is created automatically and published seamlessly to the Internet. Letting everyone know just couldn’t be easier.

The At a Glance display shows a council-wide view of results, updated automatically with each set of In Depth Ward details. All displays use a variety of graphical charts to make the results easy to understand.

A Rolling News display enables you to broadcast the latest information, scrolling continuously through both In Depth and At a Glance displays so that those who are at any election gathering can be kept informed without constantly having to ask specific questions.

A Map graphic reflecting the electoral divisions is available, automatically filling each division with the winners colour(s) as the count progresses. A Seat graphic, again employs the winners colours to make it obvious when a majority has been reached.

A Live Update facility, available as a web page on the internet, provides a ‘streaming’ of the results. Viewers can watch the count progress without having to refresh their screens.

ERPS assists in allowing the council to create a twitter live stream, alerting users to each result as it is declared; utilising a #hashtag or @username of their choice and incorporating a short url to allow the recipient direct to access greater detail on the web site.

An Election report containing summary information as well as comprehensive details of the result in each electoral division can be downloaded and circulated by email or printed off and distributed to the press and agents,

If required, AKS can provide integration services to take existing data from other member or electoral systems.

A gallery of some of the display elements is available to view.

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