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Election Results Presentation System

ELPS (Electronic Local Petitions System) was designed in co-operation with Local Authority clients to help people make their views known to the Council. It also helps Councils to monitor and respond, sending automatic e-mails wherever possible to prompt and inform.

By using ELPS, Petitioners deliver their petitions directly to the Council, and have the opportunity to reach a potentially wider audience. Each petition is given a title, description and duration, and although author details are taken only their name will be made public. Details are verified by e-mail, then the Council receives an alert indicating that a new petition is available for checking.

Council officers check each petition and may either approve it for publication or reject and return it along with reasons. Accepted petitions are published on the Council website and an e-mail is automatically sent to the petition author.

The system makes it easy to collect signatures; individuals simply add their details (confirmed by automatic e-mail) to any petition to "sign" it. At the end of a petitionís duration, it becomes Closed to further signatures. Council officers are then alerted so they can respond directly by e-mail to those who have created and signed the petition.

Open or Closed Petitions may be found by date or subject.

The e-Petitions system uses the Councilís website framework and stylesheets, giving it the Councilís Ďlook and feelí. Programs are WAI AA compliant. AKS installs the e-Petitions system within the Councilís existing infrastructure and then provides full support. Such a low total cost of ownership makes the system very cost-effective.

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