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Members' Information

The Members Information Module is designed to contain information (including pictures) about Council Members and officers, their roles in Committees (both internal and outside the Council) and their responsibilities within the Council in general. It also contains information about Committees, Wards, Parishes, Political Parties and other details (e.g. surgeries, declarations of interest, support, etc) as customised by the Council. Viewing of private information can be restricted.

Historical Members information is retained so that the composition of Council or any Committee at some time in the past can be ascertained. Current and/or past Members can be listed by Committee, Ward, Political Party, Name, etc making it easy to find details.

Information about the current membership of Committees can be transferred automatically to agendas and minutes. Member attendance can be recorded, and statistical reports of attendance - and non-attendance, provided.

Political compositions of Committees can be calculated, amended and compared with "ideal" compositions to help with the creation of politically-balanced Committees after elections.

Recent civic activities of members can be displayed, and member availability for meetings notified automatically to those scheduling Meetings or booking rooms.

Selections of public information can also be downloaded for use in other programs such as mailings.

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