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Members' Web Pages

This module enables the creation of a personal website for every member; a place where they can display their own information on their own public web pages. These pages are distinct from the Council Members information, though details from there can be displayed on Members pages to avoid having to re-enter information such as membership of Committees and external bodies.

Members’ pages are easy to manage and do not prescribe the information that can be entered. Members are free to organise their information as they wish, the programs making it easy to add text (entered using an editor), headings, hyperlinks, feedback forms, pictures, etc. Articles can be dated so that they appear on or disappear from pages when required; they can also be organised into Collections of similar Articles ordered by date or title.

New Member Websites are very easy to create; each is created from a default website simply by selecting the member from a list. To help members and to encourage a little uniformity of style, the default website has a Home page containing some basic information (collected from the E-GENDA members’ database) and a standard set of Child pages accessed from this Home Page. This default website is completely tailorable and can be modified to reflect the Council’s own preferences.

The system may be set so that any modifications to a website will immediately be visible to the relevant member and administrator, but will not be visible to anyone else until Approved by an Administrator (who has the ability to view the original as well as the new information).

The system makes extensive use of templates to maintain consistency, but all templates, settings, permissions and libraries can be accessed and changed by Administrators from within the system itself

The E-GENDA members' pages module is thus simple to use for those who only wish to enter information or add new websites, but at the same time it offers infinite tailorability for those who wish to completely alter the way it looks or the options it offers.

These facilities satisfy Priority Outcome R6.

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