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Room Bookings

The Room Bookings module of E-GENDA enables you to use the Intranet to book rooms and display those bookings throughout the Council in a simple calendar fashion. It can be used as a stand-alone system separate from the rest of E-GENDA.

Displays of the availability of Rooms for a month, week or day show differing amounts of information. Details of any booking are viewed by clicking on the booking of interest.

Bookings are created by clicking on the appropriate date and time in the calendar, then entering details of timings, catering and caretaker information, etc. Details of the selected Room (such as capacities for different arrangements, size, static facilities) are available to those making a booking. Reports may be produced for Catering and Caretaker staff.

When Room Bookings are made, E-GENDA can check to ensure that members are available. Any conflicts with other committee meetings are displayed so that those making the reservation can decide whether or not to continue.

Although very easy to use, the system is also secure, restricting those who can make bookings, ensuring against double-booking, etc, but enabling booking of some rooms for multiple use, for instance.

An alternative Extended Room Bookings module extends use way beyond instant bookings made by Committee staff when scheduling Meetings.

Room Groups can be introduced so that rooms in different parts of buildings or in a different building altogether can be differentiated. Different staff can control different groups of rooms so that Departments can control their own rooms. Customised daily displays for Council reception areas can be provided.

A Room Booking Requests facility can also be made available to those who can only view, but not book, Rooms. After viewing available Rooms and choosing the most appropriate, they then complete a Booking Request Form to indicate preferred room, duration of meeting, attendees, catering requirements, caretaker requirements, etc, which is then automatically e-mailed to the controller(s) of the rooms. The Room Booking can then be accepted simply by clicking on a hyperlink which transfers details of the Request into the database. The booking of that Room is then instantly visible to anyone else.

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